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blogPostPoster ALI build released

Advanced Live Installer build is available on the release channel! This build brings improvements and bug fixes. As a reminder, ALI (Advanced Live Insta... More

blogPostPoster PC Info build released

We are releasing PC Info build! It brings improvements, bug fixes and minor changes. We improved the hardware and software detection. Localization has... More

blogPostPoster Third website development stage completed

Today we completed the 3rd development stage on the website. It was the major development stage. We finished it successfully and now all the website features ar... More

blogPostPoster Website development status

Today we would like to inform you that our website got major update. Our forum is now ready and available here. Please read carefully the forum... More

blogPostPoster PC Info Build released

We are releasing PC Info! It contains bug fixes and improvements. We updated the Nvidia API to 10.1.105, fixed crash issue with applications detection... More

blogPostPoster CobraTek 2019 roadmap
Hello and welcome to our blog!

In this blog post we will share some future development plans for 2019 with you. As you might already know, we continue to improve the w... More